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Automatically calculating the report schedules (i.e. Schedule B & Schedule C and so on).

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We designed the Data Call to help alleviate extra work for you and produce an accurate report!

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No duplicate data entry. You enter your title files once and you are set for the report.

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No software installation or update - Microsoft Office/Excel is not even required.



With our unmatched service and cutting-edge software, we are bringing technology and innovation to the world of title professionals.


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Our team consists of highly analytical and experienced software engineers, real estate and title professionals with decades of experience in the industry.



Your success is our success! Our unparalleled support and technical expertise have helped many title agencies to create the Data Call with ease.

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The data entry screens are intuitive and easy to use. All data entries are labelled with the same number scheme corresponding to the lines on the Data Call spreadsheet template.

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Pricing packages designed to meet your business needs.


$ 49 /yr Plus $0.69/File
  • Lowest Membership Fee
  • Online Software Access
  • Phone/E-mail Technical Support
  • Unlimited Report Generating
  • Integration Service
  • Data Import Service
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$ 149 /yr Plus $0.49/File
  • Best Combined Pricing
  • Online Software Access
  • Phone/E-mail Technical Support
  • Unlimited Report Generating
  • Integration Service
  • Data Import Service
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$ 299 /yr Plus $0.29/File
  • Lowest Per File Rate
  • Online Software Access
  • Phone/E-mail Technical Support
  • Unlimited Report Generating
  • Integration Service
  • Data Import Service
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Data Call FAQ

One of the most comprehensive Data Call FAQ collections.

Florida licensed title insurance agencies, retail offices of direct writers, non-resident title agencies with Florida licenses, and title insurers authorized to do business in Florida that had a license are required to file the data call. Law Firms who own a licensed title agency or operate under a DFS license should report for the licensed agency.

The due date of the Data Call is on May 31. If it falls on a weekend, submissions must be received by the OIR by 11:59 p.m. on the next business day.

No. The Data Call must be filed by the due date.

The filings will be referred to DFS’s Agency Investigations or OIR’s Market Investigations units for enforcement action. Incomplete and inaccurate reporting may also be referred. During the review process data is validated and filers may be alerted to potential errors. Filers will be provided an opportunity to quickly correct errors, but they must include explanations for all changes to data.

To become a member, you will need a valid email address. The confirming email will be sent to you upon signing up and you will be able to signing in once you clicked on the link in the confirming email.

We offer three affordable membership packages: Value at $49, Professional at $149, and Premium at $299. Generally speaking, if your firm creates under 500 files a year, Value package will save you most money. If your firm generates files between 500 and 1200 files, Professional package will be most cost effective. If your firm generates more than 1200 files, Premium package will be your best choice.

More Information


See a sample Data Call report

Automated Accurate Secure

Here is a sample report generated by the Data Call system and ready for submission. Florida Data Call report filing has never been so easy! Automated report generating with a single click of a mouse. Auto-calculating Schedule B & Schedule C. Enter data once and ransfer company info from previous year to next.


Integration with Other Software

Productivity Efficiency Entering Once

Integration with third party Title Production System or Real Estate Closing software will allow users to conduct business without swithing software and help eliminating the need to rekey information. In the cloud or on-premise, ready-made or customized, the Data Call is ready to integrate with your software.


Data Call API

RESTful API Simple to Setup Easy to Program

We are pleased to announce Data Call Integration API available to any third party software vendor. The Data Call Integration API allows any third party software to push their data to the Data Call platform eliminating the duplicative data entry and reducing the possibility of errors.

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